Persuasion Communication Workshops

Creative thinking for sales and marketing communications

Why you need Persuasion Communication

Today, to be effective, each and every sales and marketing message has to do three things:

#1 It has to standout and win attention.

#2 It has to say the right things in the right way.

#3 It has to influence people's decision making.

In a Persuasion Communication workshop you'll learn the tried and tested techniques successful brands spending ¬£millions use every day, and how to adapt and apply them to your business. This will make your sales and marketing more effective, reduce costs and increase results and your return on investment. 

What's more, it works wherever your sales and marketing messages appear: websites, blogs, mailchimp newsletters, social media, sales emails, advertising and all other content. 

Persuasion Communication - it's big thinking for small and medium size businesses.

Watch the video

Persuasion doesn't happen on screen, or on the page, it happens in the human mind. Our video explains the behavioral science approach which is one of the key elements behind Persuasion Communication.

Persuasion Communication

Persuasion Communication is the result of years of research and curates the thinking of respected marketing experts, business leaders and behavioural scientists. It formulates this knowledge, insight and experience into a simple and systematic approach that's been designed as a tool that anyone attending a workshop can learn to use.

Who are the workshops for

Small and medium size businesses, charities and non-profits, start-ups, consultants and freelancers can all benefit from applying the Persuasion Communication approach. This includes digital agencies and social media consultants looking to add more creative firepower to their technical expertise. It's for anyone who needs to make their sales and marketing communications more effective by being more creative, impactful and persuasive.

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What our clients say

"The workshops have transformed the way we think about our sales and marketing.efforts. This stuff is clever and it really works." Paul Booth, Chief Executive, Nannyjob


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