Persuasion Communication Training Workshops

What is Persuasion Communication?

The people you want to reach are being bombarded with sales and marketing messages every day - on their phones, on social media, online, everywhere. They simply can’t cope with it all. So how can you be sure that it’s your messages that are the ones that cut through and work? And how can you be just as sure that people are reacting to them?

A Persuasion Communication workshop will show you how to make your sales and marketing messages stand out and win attention, say the right things in the right way, and harness the behavioural science insights that influences human decision making.

How does Persuasion Communication work?

Persuasion Communication talks to the human inside us, not the algorithm. It recognises that persuasion doesn’t happen on screen, or on the page, it happens in the mind. 

Where does Persuasion Communication work?

As Persuasion Communication is all about the human, and not the algorithm, it works wherever your audience sees your messaging including your website, social media, digital advertising, content marketing, brand storytelling, search and SEO, traditional advertising, sales emails marketing and print.

Persuasion Communication - a complete process

Persuasion Communication has been designed as a process that anyone can follow, and is based on proven principles of communication and behavioural science insights. 

Persuasion Communication - an ethical approach

Persuasion Communication isn't manipulation. On the contrary it recognizes that people can't be manipulated against their will; that we all respond to having our intelligence respected and that we are prepared to be persuaded honestly. Sales and marketing only works when businesses talk about brand and product truths, don't exaggerate or overclaim, and tell their stories in relevant, convincing and impactful ways. After all, a false promise will only sell a product or service once.

Persuasion doesn't happen on the screen, or on the page, it happens in the mind.

Watch the video

Revealed - the behavioural science behind persuasion.

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The workshops

#1 Free Introduction Workshop (1 hour)

#2 Basic Level Workshop (2 hours)

#3 Complete Process Workshop (Full day)Brand Storytelling Process Workshop

Due to client demand a series of more specialist Persuasion Communication Copywriting workshops are in the pipeline.

Who the workshops are for

The 10X training workshops have been designed for SMEs, business owners, start-ups, marketing professionals, marketing and design agencies, charities, social media consultants and freelancers.

Anyone who needs to make their sales and marketing communications more effective by being more persuasive.

What our clients say

"The workshops have transformed the way we think about our sales and marketing.efforts. This stuff is clever and it really works." Paul Booth, Chief Executive, Nannyjob


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