Knowledge & skills you'll learn

The Basic Level Workshop builds on the Introduction Workshop by expanding the range of learning, going deeper into the behavioural science, and giving you more time to practise the techniques in our practical "brains on " learning sessions. You will also leave equipped with the knowledge and know-how to start applying the basics of the Persuasion Communication process across all your sales and marketing communications.

  • Explains the Persuasion Communication process in a step-by-step guide that's easy to understand and simple to do to..
  • Impact - learn how to think more creatively to make your messages stand out and win your audience's attention.
  • Communication - identifying what's relevant and translating features into benefits
  • Persuasion - Social Proof and Scarcity, an in=depth look at two of the 6 Yes Triggers and how to apply these behavioural science insights to your messaging 
  • Persuasion Copywriting - the basics of brand tone of voice, writing to persuade and calls to action.

Video explains the behavioural science that influences our decision making.

What or clients say...

"Thanks for the awesome event this morning."

Jenna Gradidge, Copywriter, Hello Genius 

Who workshop is for

  • SMEs
  • Social media professionals and consultants
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors, managers and executives
  • Content, digital and marketing agencies
  • Businesses owners
  • Charities & non-profits

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