Persuasion Communication explained

Persuasion Communication recognises that every communication, from a tweet to a TV commercial, is all about persuasion. However, persuasion doesn't happen on screen, or on the page, it happens in the human mind.

So Persuasion Communication has been designed around years of research into successful brand communication, coupled with the latest behavioural science insights into how we react to sales and marketing messages and what influences human decision making.

Impact, Information and Influence lie at the heart of the Persuasion Communication approach. . Impact so that your messages stand out and win attention. Information so that you say the right things in the right ways. And Influence so that you persuade people to take the desired action.  ,  

Finally, all this learning and expertise has then been processed and adapted into a simple to follow system that anyone can use. It's what we mean when we say, "It's big thinking for small and medium size businesses."

10x Training runs half-day and full-day workshops in Persuasion Communication and Persuasion Copywriting. For full details click the button below.


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