Persuasion Communication is big thinking for small and medium size businesses. So we've broken the learning down into a series of workshops that build on one another. The focus is on practical, "brains on" exercises which are based on the principle that what we're told we forget but what we do we understand. These exercises are guided by the workshop leader and, rest assured, you won;t be judged, only encouraged.

#1 Persuasion Communication - Free Introduction Workshop (1 hour)

Start with our free, one-hour, introduction workshop which explains the fundamentals of Persuasion Communication, how it works and why it's the future. You'll also get the opportunity to test-drive our practical "brains on" training methodology which shows you how to think more creatively and makes the learning more effective. .Click the button for the full breakdown of what you'll learn.

#2 Persuasion Communication - Basic Level Workshop (3 hours)

This three hours workshop builds on the Introduction Workshop and equips you to start using the Persuasion Communication process immediately and apply it to all your day-to-day sales and marketing communications, including social media and web traffic building. Practical "brains on" exercises will develop your creative thinking skills and you'll be taken deeper into understanding the 6 Yes Triggers identified by behavioral scientists that influence decision making.

#3 Persuasion Communication - Complete Process Workshop (Full day)

The full-day workshop builds on the learning from the previous workshops by introducing more communications strategies and behavioural science insights into the process. There is also a greater emphasis on the practical "brains on" exercises, which attendees tell us really drives the learning home and makes the workshop stimulating and enjoyable. By the end of the day you will be familiar with the complete Persuasion Communication Process, and you will be able to apply it across all your sales and marketing communications. You will also leave with the 10X Training Handbook which includes extra learnings, insights and exercises which doubles the content of the workshop. 


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